This is a live recording of Katy sharing about Them Before Us and answering questions at the Pro Family Legislative Conference in November 2019. 1:14 ...View Details

Listen as Katy Faust joins Todd Herman to discuss Them Before Us and our opposition to Washington State's "Uniform Parentage Act" and why it is bad fo...View Details

Katy Faust joins Janet Mefferd to talk about how Washington State's Uniform Parentage Act violates the rights of children. Read Katy's Senate testimon...View Details

Katy Faust joins Daniel Davis on The Daily Signal podcast to talk about founding Them Before Us and why the world needs a global children's rights mov...View Details

Them Before Us founder Katy Faust joins Jenn to answer one of our most frequently asked questions- "If you're against donor-conception, doesn't that m...View Details

Jenn sits down with Anjelica, a young woman who shared the story of her upbringing and some of the difficulties she faced because of her parents' divo...View Details

Why Gender Matters

Jenn and TBU founder Katy Faust talk about one of the pillars of Them Before Us;  gender isn't a social construct, it is foundational to society,...View Details

Jenn chats with TBU founder Katy Faust about the intersection of events both culturally and personally which lead her to launch Them Before Us. M...View Details

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