This is a live recording of Katy sharing about Them Before Us and answering questions at the Pro Family Legislative Conference in November 2019.

1:14 - How culture shifted as Obama evolved on marriage and everyone on the side of traditional marriage being viewed as a bigot.

3:00 - Katy talks about starting her blog Ask The Bigot and what she learned from it.

4:00 - Looking at things that hurt kids and what we would choose to eliminate if we could. An 'all of the above option' would be eliminating fatherlessness.

5:24 - Stats that show impact of not having father in the home on kids and why marriage is important to society.

7:20 - Why the conservative marriage debate failed in our culture... Point One: We didn't correctly identify the victims of redefining marriage (kids).

8:17 - Point Two: We didn't humanize the victims. Using statistics isn't enough to win hearts and minds, highlighting the stories of the kids impacted does.

9:07 Point Three: We didn't care about all the victims. We haven't expressed the issues with no-fault divorce, heterosexual couples using donor conception.

10:05 - The proper foundation for this argument is defending the rights and needs of children.

10:07 - Being outed from blogging anonymously opened up more opportunities to share this message around the world, and people started reaching out to Katy to share their stories.

12:12 - How Them Before Us is highlighting stories and uniting adults from all different perspectives around supporting children's rights.

14:53 - Why is the child's right to his/her parents (as spelled out in U.N. Treaty on Rights of the Child) so important?  1. Identity Constituting: We look to our parents and kinship bonds to answer "who am I?"

15:58 - 2. Naturally provides the safest framework for children. Married biological parents are the safest for kids statistically.

16:45 - 3. Child Development. Mother and father being married and in child's life perfectly balanced the need for masculine and feminine in child-rearing.

17:17 - Three ways children's rights are threatened. 1. Surrogacy 2. Adoption, 3. Intent Based Parenting Laws

25:47 - Birth certificates and adoptees, child-centered adoption policies

28:09 - Questions Begin















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